Project to do

Other System to be completed . Many parts are still available to be completed with Wireless Speakers also according to specification. With or Without Plexiglas- Metal Stand, or Box. From a Minimalist Wheel NUT…. To F1 Air box Engines, F1 Mechanical parts, Front and Rear WINGS, Helmets, Engine Covers, Body parts, Mechanical parts, as:

F1 CARBON FIBER WHEEL COVERS, SPINNER or FIRINGS…Introduced in 2009, banned in 2010 for reducing the overtaking chances avalaible with hi-fi speakers.

LOTUS RENAULT 2014 Driver Pastor Maldonado, race nose used in several races…

The very EXTREME double noose, made sensation al Jerez January 2014 Test. The noose has benn keept along all the year, and changed in 2015 due to new rules and dimension. VERY RARE PART TO COLLECT, the part can be completed with, table, stereo, ligth.

FERRARI 2003 GA M. Scumacher Car Fantastic memories


This is an the original left Side from wich we can made an HIFI system.

Carbon Fiber Exaust Protection and RB Airbox

project f1 parts rb airbox


Speaker can be positioned vertical or flat

F1 front Wheel KIMI RAIKONEN used in test in Jerez

F1 FERRARI 5 in One

SCHUMY HELMET GP USA (as respect on the TWIN TOWERS  Attack) with USA FLAG

The replica helmet can be fitted with a BEO BT System and stand. Plexiglas cover dust also available, and stand on request.

SKELETON COCKPIT Structure to keep multiple memorabilia. As been created by me. FOR SALE at 800 Euro can be completed with Steering Wheel Amalgam 1-1 ferrari 2004 MS other 1500 EURO, Or neck portector or Race Suit, RAcing 5 Points BELTS and one Helmet with Stereo Speakers B&O

The foldable Cockpit can be dismantled and taken away easily, for fun or show. Driving Suit signed by Barrichello, and Helmet are available, signed Gloves NOT!

The UNIQUE Seat of Schummy GP Silverstone 1999 CRASH, coul be for sale, or transformation, only for amateurs. And the camera, mounted in the car

The part has rested proudly in my office since then. Now is still exposed as piece of art!

Actually the race car camera is on a Display of Plexiglas…

HUGE 1-5 scale Model by BELL Helmets
Model can be sell alone, or with Speaker B&O.
Ask for price . 197-200 Ferrari 2003 GA Scumacher.

Ferrari model-jpeg

Chineese RED laque hand made Box is avalaible, with surplus.

ferrari model -jpeg

Rear Crash Gearbox

Swush Air Deflector

future projects-jpeg

Other COOL parts NOT F1 that can be transformed, on request, in HIFI System… Ask for quotation