F1 Cosworth Exausts

F1 Cosworth Exausts available stand alone or with Speakers

Available at price of 2.000€2.500€3.500€ according to the Speakers…


Force India Fisichella Tail Fin 2007 Car

Force india fisichella tail fin

The CARBON FIBER SPECTACULAR part can be fitted with all tre level of  B&O Speakers small-med-large in this fase only for testing we used the Round one…120 cm wide, 70 High,  50 cm deep.

force india fisichella tail fin


Price will be determined acconding to the 4 Power supply required. Also a big cone vertical Speaker can be fitted.

force india fisichella tail fin

Very handsome Part, with stunning decals, used in race.                …as per Photo 2.000 €

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